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Phil Noto ~ Superhero Candids
My favorite is Sue staring at Johnny in the UN Lobby.

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“Rio Bravo” - PART 4

• The sense-shattering fallout of the Clint vs. the Clown — Clint Barton has been deafened!

• With the Barton Brothers this battered and bloodied, surely they’ll make easy pickins for the Bros, right? Bro? Seriously?

• If we do our jobs right THIS time, this issue will be the Dog Issue of Sign Language issues

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More concept art and posters from Marvel’s “Avengers: Age of Ultron” revealed at San Diego Comic Con!

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It is like that here today TOO and it makes me very unproductive.

My queue is so full of Trek right now. So full. Of course my queue won’t get to them for a while yet, but…

posts with Q tagged with my queue tag going into my queue. I am giggling to myself and there is nobody around.

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Not counting security I have seen four other people here today.

Why is Friday even a thing why can’t we just all telecommute?


Interior of the Sagrada Família

Barcelona, Spain

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You’re less of a wizard and more of stuck out of time. Your specialty is actually traveling with/on dragons and we haven’t re-discovered them yet


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Enterprise E cutaway poster by Christopher James Cushman


Enterprise E cutaway poster by Christopher James Cushman

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